Friday, February 4, 2011

Water Quality

It has come to my attention that some residents are concerned about the water quality in the village. Our water comes from the Red Deer River via the Drumheller and Kirkpatrick treatment and pumping stations. It is typical Alberta surface water and therefore has a calcium or lime content and is "hard water". Our well water was high in dissolved salts (it was soft water) and was chlorinated only once. Beiseker's well water had very high concentrations of naturally occuring flourides. Now our water is chlorinated at Drumheller, then again at Kirpatrick, and finally at the Beiseker pumping station. The calcium and that chlorine gives the water a different taste to the well water we used to have.

Our water is tested very frequently. We have excellent water quality in Beiseker. Many residents not liking that chlorine taste have invested in a small water filtration unit to keep in the fridge. This does double duty as a water conserver because ice cold drinking water is always available! No need to run the tap waiting for cold water.