Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Benefit

You have perhaps heard that the Knapp family has hit a bumpy section along the road of life this past few months.  They are fighting some serious health problems and they need our help. 

A benefit has been organised for Friday, February 14 at the Beiseker Community Centre.  It has been put together as a family event for the first part, until 9 p.m., then followed by an adult cabaret later in the evening.

Jo Lynn and Grant are both very active members of Stage East.  Who can forget fellow actor Rob carrying  Jo Lynn around the stage, while she was dressed as a mermaid?  Grant has appeared on stage a few times, but his talents are focused behind the scenes.  Without the Knapps, Stage East would not be as successful as it is.

Tickets for the Valentines Day event are available at the Village Office and at the Credit Union here in town.  They are gratefully accepting donations, as well.  It sounds like a fun evening!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowmobile Woes!

It seems that every winter. when the snow is down and the weather warms up, we get complaints about snow machines and their use in Beiseker.

Snowmobilers, please remember that our traffic bylaw here in town stipulates that your speed must be kept to 20 km/h and your route must be the shortest way out of the village.  No off-road vehicles can operate within village limits between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.   And, you must stick to laneways as much as possible and you must stop and check carefully when proceeding across streets. 

Our bylaw regarding off-road type vehicles is much more generous than other municipalities.  Some communities prohibit the use of such vehicles to operate within municipal boundaries at all.  In those centres, snowmobiles, quads and dirt bikes must be trailered into and out of town. I for one would not like to see those sort of rules here in Beiseker!

If you know of someone who snowmobiles, please remind them of our traffic bylaw.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Icy Sidewalks and Roads

The warm Chinook weather just hasn't managed to make its way out to Beiseker, yet.  While places like Airdrie and Calgary have enjoyed daily temperatures well above freezing, the temperature here hasn't gone very far above 0 degrees C.

As a result, our streets and sidewalks have become ice covered.  Public Works continues to do its best to move the snow and sand the ice, but there's only so much they can do.  We have a very limited snow removal and sanding budget.  To increase that amount would run the risk of increasing property taxes!

Council has to balance those two concerns; snow & ice removal and increased taxation to pay for it.  We will be sanding the intersections along Main Street, where the ice makes the going very difficult, and other places where it is particularly bad.

As I've mentioned before, if you notice a location that may require a little attention please contact the Village Office at 403-947-3774.

We have also made some road sanding mix available outside the Public Works Yard, over next to the recycling drop off bins.  If you need some to sand an icy spot, take a shovel and a pail down there and help yourself.  There's a limited amount, so please don't be greedy!

Remember, spring is just two months away!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Future of the Bassano Station

Beiseker Village Council is most concerned about the Bassano Station building, which sits on huge moving beams on the former CPR trackway next to First Avenue here in town.  We have watched the project stumble and sputter along for years now. 

Although the Village has no connection to it - and no taxpayer money has been spent on it - I think the incomplete project reflects badly on the village as a whole.

Almost ten years ago, the Alberta Centennial Railway Museum approached Alberta Trail Net to lease a large section of the old CPR right-of-way, which passes through the Village of Beiseker.  They needed the land to build their railway museum complex.  The Provincial government had promised them millions of dollars to build the museum if they found a suitable location. 

They were all set to start building their museum complex when then Premier Ralph Klein cancelled all Centennial building projects in the province, including theirs.  This came as a serious blow to the museum society but they decided to struggle on. 

They moved much of their rolling stock and a locomotive to the site and applied for other grants.  A large international heavy-lift and moving company did much of the moving for them free!  That same company finally moved the Bassano building here free of charge, as well!

Council would like to know what the museum's plans are for the future of the building.  I understand that the building will be placed on its new foundation soon - but what then?  A funtioning rail museum here in Beiseker would be a large draw of railway buffs and tourists from all over.  Council is anxious to see this project completed.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Clearing Ice and Snow

Mother Nature has been giving us a hand with our snow accumulation problems here in Beiseker, these past few days!  The warmer weather has given our Public Works staff a chance to catch up a bit. 

If you know of a section of public property around town which still has a snow or ice problem, please report it now!  You have a few easy ways to let us know;
  • Phone into the Village office at 403-947-3774, with the address of the nearest houses.
  • Phone me, at 403-947-3759 with the address of the nearest houses.
  • Report it on the Village's Facebook page with that same information.
  • Send me a message using the Contact Form on the right-hand side of this blog, with the information needed.
Remember, this applies only to public property (streets, etc.)!  Thank you!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Temporary Changes to Garbage & Recycling Pick-up

Despite Beiseker Public Works' best efforts, our back lanes and alleys have become impassable to our garbage and recycling trucks.  The problem is we've run out of place to put all this snow!

So until further notice, all garbage and recycling pick-ups will take place from the street side in front of your home or business.  Starting this Friday (January 17), those pick-ups will made in front of your home or businesss.

Please have residential and business garbage out in front by 8:00 a.m., except Main Street garbage and recycling which should be out by 9:00 a.m. 

Please know that this is a temporary solution, and we hope to get back to normal collection procedures as soon as some of the snow melts and Public Works is able to widen the access down the alleys and lanes.

Thank you so much for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy birthday, Sir John A. Macdonald!

Happy Sir John A. Macdonald Day!  Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's very first Prime Minister, was born 199 years ago today!  Our first Prime Minister was from the original Conservative Party, and was known to politicians of the time as an honest man but a man who would do almost anything to unite Canada as one nation!

He was also known as a heavy drinker and a straight talker.  Ask Sir John what his thoughts were on any topic and he would tell you straight out.

His first run at the PMO was between 1867 and 1873.  His greatest legacy is the creation of the trans-continental railway, the Canadian Pacific.  Without Sir John's pushing, cajoling, and backroom dealing, I think its's doubtful we would have a Canadian transcontinental railway at all, and I think B.C. would now be an American state!

And thank you all so much for your birthday wishes, yesterday.  I did enjoy my day and all of my friends and family who became a part of it! Thanks so much!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Passes For Another Year

As the Twelfth Night, signalling the end of the Christmas Season fast approaches, I look back on some of the many acts of kindness which really define our village. Here are just a few;
  • The Snow Angels who voluntarily shovel snow from the walks of seniors and shut-ins.
  • The Beiseker Fire Department who volunteer to do their annual Candy Cane Run each Christmas Eve.
  • The Emergency Response Team and the Beiseker Fire Department, who have had to open up our Community Centre to stranded motorists at least twice in the past month!
  • The volunteer drivers who drive our seniors to medical appointments in Airdrie or Calgary.
  • The anonymous good Samaritans who have helped several motorists who were stuck in the snow storm, a couple of weeks ago.
  • The Beiseker Volunteer Medical First Response Team who have saved so many already in their short existence!
  • Those who volunteer to help seniors fill in their income tax forms each year.
  • The volunteer coaches and managers who give up so much of their time to supporting our young people in team sports.
  • Those who support our Food Bank here in Beiseker.
  • Those who volunteer to help in village clean-up and recycling projects.
  • Those who volunteer to make community events such as our Country Fair a huge success.
  • Those who volunteer to mow the acres of grass out at the airport.
These are but a few generous acts of kindness found in our village.  Merry Christmas!