Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Fire Hall, and the Stop Sign on Main Street

If you take a drive down Fifth Street in Beiseker, you'll notice that our new firehall is taking shape at the corner of 5th & 2nd.  Progress has been good and we should have our Fire Department into their new digs well before the snow flies!

We had a stop sign set up at the T-intersection of Main Street and First Avenue.  So far it's been knocked down twice since we installed it a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully everybody has got used to it now and will take that corner a little wider to avoid the sign.

If you're the one who clobbered the sign this last time, please fess-up and let the Village Office know, at 403-947-3774.  If you saw the wayward vehicle hit the sign last week, please give a description (and a plate number if possible) to the office -- or phone Crime Stoppers (1-800-242-8477) if you want to remain anonymous.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Trash to Power projects questioned

Lately, there has been talk around these parts of establishing a huge complex which would burn garbage to produce electricity.  At first glance it does appear to be a great idea.  It'd save trying to recycle it, or bury it in a landfill site somewhere. 

But I really think there are some questions we need answers to before millions of dollars are invested.
  • What kind of emissions will be given off by this complex and how will it affect our "carbon footprint"?
  • Everything can't be burned.  What will happen to the rest?
  • Will the incineration of possible recyclables have the affect of stunting the growing recycling industry in Alberta?  Proponents of the project suggest that the recycling industry won't be affected.  I really wonder about that.  Right now we can recycle tires, plastic, bond paper, cardboard, compost, newspaper, used oil, all metals, and lead acid batteries.  We can't recycle large tree branches, disposable diapers, and wood furniture but is there enough of that kind of stuff to keep a huge plant like they're proposing properly fed?
I truly believe that these questions must be satisfactorily answered before we move ahead on this.  Let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senator Joyce Fairbairn will be missed

I was saddened to read that Senator Joyce Fairbairn, from Lethbridge, is suffering from a form of dementia and will not be able to actively complete her term in the Senate

Senator Fairbairn is a huge supporter of all things aviation here in Southern Alberta.  If it upped the profile of aviation here, Senator Joyce would be there promoting it to anyone who would listen. 

I recall her attending numerous air shows in the Lethbridge area, proudly decked out in her custom made RCAF flight suit!  She would spend hours in the hot sun on the announcers' stand watching the performers and even talking to the air show crowd about her passion for aviation.

Her infectious enthusiasm for aviation will be missed by all Southern Albertans.

Clear skies, Senator Fairbairn, clear skies.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Water: the new Oil!

The Twentieth Century could probably be called the age of oil.  Our whole economy appeared to be based on and driven by oil; how we get it, who has it and what we do with it.

I think that's about to change for this century.

This summer with its hot temperature and its drought-like conditions in much of the world will make water the thing to get, to have, and to use in the coming years.  Nations will have to start a huge program to collect or manufacture fresh water and move it to where it's needed.  Desalination plants, reservoirs, water storage facilities, pumping systems, water pipelines, redirection projects, and canals will have to be built, and soon! And it won't be cheap!

But it will have to be done!  Because without water, there's nothing!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tony Schmaltz Passes

I was very saddened to learn that Tony Schmaltz had passed away late last week. Tony was another one of those few men who could be called "Mr. Beiseker"!

Tony was born here and lived his whole life in our community;  He was a businessman here and a huge community supporter;  and, he was a member of the Beiseker Lions Club for more than fifty years!  He sat on Village Council for two terms.  These past few years, Tony could still be spotted in his little truck on an inspection tour of the village on his way to get the morning paper.  Beiseker has indeed lost one of its own!

My sincere condolences go out to Vera and the rest of the Schmaltz family on their loss.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Battle of Carmangay

Yesterday, residents of the village of Carmangay tried to make a stand to save their care facility, which is slated to be closed in the next few months.  A busload of folks from the small community, located about 130 kilometres south of Beiseker, went to the Premier's constituency office to plead their case.  Unfortunately Premier Redford was not at her office.  The media was there so I hope the message got out.

The Provincial officials say the facility in Carmangay - the Little Bow Continuing Care Centre - is too old to be renovated.  The long term dementia patients will be relocated and the staff laid off within the next few weeks.   Over 10% of Carmangay's workforce are employed by the facility.  They will soon be unemployed!  Ten percent is a huge portion of ratepayers to be lost!  It may well indeed be the final nail in the village's coffin!

In my opinion, this decision by the province is a huge step to the rear!  Facilities such as the one in Carmangay need to be encouraged to flourish.  More small communities should have such facilities.  At present, the elderly, the seriously ill, and the physically needy are being funnelled into larger and larger facilities in larger and larger centers!  Their loved ones are forced to drive hundreds of kilometres to visit their infirmed relatives.

Communities such as Beiseker, Irricana, and Carmangay must have extended care facilities, hospices, and lodges to house their citizens when those citizens need that support.  Shipping these folks off to the larger centers may make dollar sense but I think it is most inhumane!  Are we running a province for people or the bank?

I support Carmangay in their attempts to retain their care facility.  I wish them well in their efforts.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome Amelia Courtman

Early this morning - very early this morning - my first grandchild arrived.  I had the huge pleasure of meeting her a couple of hours later.

Amelia and her mom are doing just fine.  My son Rhys, the proud dad is doing pretty good, too.

Welcome baby Amelia!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you all for your best wishes to my wife and I on our 42nd Wedding Anniversary yesterday.  Most came to my email but I have passed them on to my wife, Madeline who deserves huge recognition for putting up with me for 42 years!  Thanks again!