Thursday, August 27, 2015

Federal Election: Canada's Crumbling Infrastructure

This was the first of my "real issues" facing candidates and voters during this marathon federal election campaign of 2015.  Canada is quite literally falling apart!  Everything from public buildings to highways to the lighthouse at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia is crumbling before our eyes!

The last couple of federal governments have promised to fix the problems, but that's all we get are promises.

It's hard to drive on a promise!  Bridges in Eastern Canada are falling down.  It's hard to cross a river on a promise! It's hard to hold court or do government business in a promise!  And let's not forget Canada's most famous lighthouse at Peggy's Cove.  At one point recently, it was in serious danger of partially collapsing!  It's hard to photograph a promise.

I would like to know which federal parties and candidates are willing to support a coalition of Federal, Provincial, and local governments to help put Canada back together.  This has to happen with a long range committed plan so that projects aren't scrapped when a new government is elected.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Home Again!

I have just finished my last air show tour!  This time it was Abbotsford, then Chilliwack, and finally Villeneuve up near Edmonton.  All were super air shows with no accidents or injuries.  Now we have to go through the thousands of photos we took all the shows this summer! 

I'll be updating my website over the next while, with some of the highlights and photographs from a very exciting air show season here in Western Canada.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Federal Election: Focusing on the Ball

As the federal election campaign grinds on, I think many have lost sight of the real issues.

This whole thing surrounding the trial about Mike Duffy's Senate expenses appears to be taking up a huge amount of attention by the media, at the expense of everything else.

So let's focus on the real issues;
  1. Canada's public infrastructure is crumblingHow will our new federal government address this?
  2. The terror and upheaval in the Near East created by the Taliban, the Islamic State, and a few other extremist groups needs to be brought to an end!  Will Canada be taking a meaningful part in that process?
  3. Canada's economy continues to sputter along.  How will the new government address Canada's teetering on the edge of recession?
  4. In most provinces in Canada, including ours, the health services program is totally screwed up.  How will our new government take steps to remedy this health care shortfall?
  5. Many of Canada's aboriginal people are in crisis.  What will our new government do about it?  What past federal governments have done is obviously not working at all!
  6. The pipeline/oil exploration/oil sands debate continues.  The world needs Canada's oil!  Right now, oil prices are way down but supply-demand calculations show that can't last for ever.  How will our new government make sure Canada can move it's petroleum products quickly, safely and environmentally friendly to markets?  
There are other issues, but those are the six which I think should be addressed by all candidates in practically every speech they make.  Let Mike Duffy stew in the mess he seems to have created for himself, and lets focus on the real issues!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sidewalk Work in Beiseker

Most Beisekerites have noticed that our sidewalk replacement program is underway.

This phase of the project is replacement only.  There will be no new sidewalks constructed during this phase, just older ones replaced.

Our soil conditions and the amount of salts in our well water severely shortened the life of sidewalks within the village.  With Beiseker now using river water, and better concrete mixes, it is hoped that the newly constructed sidewalks will last considerably longer.

Some of you have asked when the new construction phase will start.  Village council is working on a strategic plan which will assign a priority to all new sidewalk construction.  First we need to get accurate estimates on the cost of the new construction.  This quite possibly could mean the new sidewalk construction phase may not start until 2016.

Thank you for you patience while these old sidewalks are dug up and removed and forms are set for the new sidewalks.  We're hoping to have this phase of sidewalk replacement finished in a few weeks, weather permitting.