Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Council

We had a good first meeting of council last night! Council re-elected Bruce Rowe as Mayor and myself as Deputy Mayor. Those offices will be held for one year. There is an annual organizational meeting each October.

We agreed to work on those issues still haunting the village, beginning with water!

Beiseker buys more water from the Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission that Irricana does! But we don't sell that much water! There are a few reasons for this discrepancy:

1. The meter registering the water coming into the Village is not accurate.
2. We are losing water through leakage.
3. We have unmetered water usage.
4. Some of the meters in the Village are not recording accurately.

We have had our intake meter recently checked out and it appears to be working properly. That rules out #1.
Public Works is checking all standing water for chlorine content. So far none has been detected. We will keep looking for any evidence of a water leak or leaks.
All water users in the Village appear to have water meters attached to their intake pipes but Public Works will continue to check to make sure all metered water is accounted for.
Water meters will be checked and eventually replaced over the next few years. Meters are expensive so this is an on-going process which will take several years to complete.

Once we identify the problem or problems we must take steps to correct them.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: I ask all Beiseker residents to watch for unusual pooling of water around the village. If you see a puddle of clean looking water which never seems to dry up, report it to the Village Office by calling 403 947 3774.

I suspect we'll find there are many reasons for our overly high water consumption. We must work to get this water issue under control!

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