Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Hi-Way Nine Nightmare

I had a meeting in Drumheller today.  I went there via Acme and Carbon but I decided to return home on the Number 9 Highway!  Boy, was that a mistake.  It was like an off-road adventure! 

There was mud and rocks flying everywhere.  Some holes were so big that if they completely filled, I would have had to wait for the ferry! The speed was posted at 80 km, but I doubt that anything could do that kind of speed on that dirt mess except maybe a motocross racer!  What a disgrace!  I've seen major highways in third world countries in better shape that that!

What is going on here?  I've heard that last year's contractors were whining about bad weather and unforeseen soil problems, but please; this is a major highway!  Something needs to be done and fast, before we lose a motorhome full of tourists out there!  I'm writing every provincial Conservative I can think of to complain and I urge you to do too!

And I think that Danielle Smith and her Wildrose Alliance are missing a good bet by not having their party advertising along the torturous route!

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