Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Street Cleaning Blues in Beacon Heights

There was some kind of breakdown in communication between the residents of Beacon Heights and the folks doing the street cleaning in the Village.  We were told in a handbill that our streets were to be cleaned on Monday and Tuesday, June 6 & 7.  We moved our vehicles off the street Monday morning to facilitate that process.  Unfortunately the street cleaners did our streets the day before, on Sunday, June 5 when all of our cars were on the street!  I saw the machine out there on Sunday but I figured he was just sweeping up the gravel in the center of the roadways and that he would return to do the curbs on Monday when the cars would be removed.  Now I'm told we'll have to wait to next spring to get our street cleaned properly.  I'm annoyed!  Are you?  If so, phone me (947 3759) or the Village Office (947 3774).  Maybe if enough of us complain we can get something done about it before next spring.

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