Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wind Damage Update

Remains of the damage done by that huge windstorm we had in November still litter the village.  I would imagine the insurance adjusters are swamped with cases from throughout this area. 

The Beiseker Fire Department Fire Hall was one of the worst hit of village property.  The insurance company had an outfit come out and put on a temporary cover.  They then took bids from companies willing to re-roof the building.  It is my understanding that the process is complete.  Work will begin as the resouces become available and as weather permits. 

Other village roofs were damaged but those repairs will likely be done in the spring. 

I have noticed that the private and commercial properties damaged in the storm are also being repaired now.  No word from DynAgra on the fate of those three large bins blown over by the wind. I would imagine they're pretty hard to handle on their side like that.

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