Friday, May 25, 2012

Water Line Repairs Completed!

All repairs to our water line have been deemed successful!  Over the next few hours the system will be returned to normal operation.  Our Public Works Foreman has cancelled further water hauling to Beiseker.  This afternoon, once the water starts flowing into our reservoir, tests will be done. We do not anticipate any problems with those tests. 

On occassion, the turning on and off  a water line stirs up fine particles which have settled in the line over the years.  This MAY result in slightly cloudy water for the first little while.  We will be double checking and letting you know if this might happen. 

Thank you all very much for your cooperation over the past few days.  This whole repair job turned out to be a very smooth operation thanks to all of you!

UPDATED:  I spoke to our water line supervisor an hour or so ago as he was doing the tests on the water coming into the Beiseker reservoir. The water is very slightly more turpid than it is usually. It's safe, nothing to worry about. You may notice this very, very slight color in your water over the next few days.

If anything changes we will let you know immediately, but we don't expect anything.

Our water supply issue is now officially over!

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