Sunday, June 24, 2012

Goin' Fast on North Road!

Hi Leo!  Thanks for that comment on the speeders along Highway 72 (North Road) through Beiseker.

This is indeed a tough one.  Many drivers seem to forget they're driving through a residential area when they drive through town on the "72".  Because it's a provincial highway, Alberta Transportation is the one to decide what the posted speed limit will be.  We have brought our concerns about the speeds on North Road and Highway #9 to representatives of Alberta Transportation for many years at each Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention.

They have told us that they're in business to keep traffic moving, not slow it up!  It took many years of coaxing to get the speed lowered along Highway #9.  I'm presuming it will take at least that long to post lower speeds on the "72".  They have told us they will consider lowering the speed limit on the "72"  west of Beiseker from 100 km/h when they see houses being built in Grasslands.

I'm thinking there may be other ways to "speed up the slow down" process.  Here are my thoughts;
  1. If everyone who saw a vehicle driving along North Road at an excessive speed would phone the RCMP local detachment number (403-947-3496) with a complaint, the police would be aware of the problem and note that in their reports.
  2. If all concerned folks in Beiseker wrote a letter to Alberta Transportation Minister Ric McIver asking him to look into the problem, we might get some action!
  3. If those same folks wrote a letter to Village Council asking that the School Zone on North Road be changed to a Playground Zone (30 km/h, in force seven days a week, twelve months of the year), that would give us some punch when we ask Alberta Transportation once again for that to happen.
There my thoughts.  I agree with you Leo; I'd rather be proactive on this speed issue rather that react to an accident along there!  Let's keep working on this.

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