Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Low Turnout at Canada Day Celebrations

I was disappointed to hear of the relatively low turnout at Beiseker's Canada Day celebrations over at the arena this past Sunday.  Previous commitments prevented my attendance.  I guess others had the same problem.

I would like to thank the organizers of the event and ask them not to be disheartened.  Those who came had a good time!  We'll have to advertise it a little more next year. 

ps;  I look forward to looking out on each Canada Day morning and seeing that little Canadian flag at the side of my walkway.  It is so Canadian: not big and flashy but hugely appreciated!  Thank you to the flag people for that!


  1. We didn't have much information about the Canada Day activities up on the Village's Facebook page until only a couple of days beforehand. By contrast, the Country Fair was being promoted on there for about a month.

    I think there may have been competition as well - Irricana had a Canada Day celebration planned and advertised at least a couple of weeks in advance. It seemed to include much the same things as Beiseker's festivities, plus fireworks.

  2. Is there any interest in combining resources between Beiseker and Irricana for special national events?

  3. Hi Anon! I have never heard of any attempts to combine Canada Day activities. It may be a way to go. It seems surprising to me that we get such a small turnout when other communities (allbeit somewhat larger) get thousands! Fireworks after an evening event are a big draw-but expensive.