Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Town Hall Meeting

Beiseker Village Council has decided to conduct its next meeting as a Town Hall Meeting.  The meeting will be held on our regular meeting time and date; Monday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m.  But instead of meeting in our council chambers, we will meet at the Beiseker Community Centre.

There will be seating for as many residents as want to come.  We will follow an abbreviated council agenda then open the floor to anyone present.  This will be chance for any village resident to watch council work.

They then will also be able to ask council about any issue or concern which might affect the village.  We will not permit personal attacks on individuals either on council or in the village's employ.

While reading Facebook, I expect to hear questions about summer projects, the new fire hall, Grasslands, potholes, garbage pick-up, recycling, property taxes, the Bassano Station, the airport, the Fire Department, the Arena, and many other topics.

Please pass the word along about our first Town Hall Meeting in many years.  Council hopes to make this an annual or semi-annual event and I hope to see you all there!

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