Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Outlook for the Village

Thank you all so much for those birthday wishes, yesterday.  I enjoyed reading them.

So far 2013 has rolled in quite quietly.  I'm looking forward to this year and getting some action and/or closure on some of the issues still clinging on from 2012. 
  • The cost of water:  In order for all the communities along the Aqua 7 Regional Water system to thrive, I believe we must lower the cost of water!  I'm working on that.  We've managed to hold the water rates to their present levels.  I hope we can better that this year.
  • Grasslands subdivision:  I and the rest of Beiseker Village Council are determined to see growth over there in our stalled residential subdivision during 2013!  And by "growth", I don't mean weeds!  Stay tuned.  UPDATE: Grasslands is a "GO"
  • The Bassano Station:  Although it is officially none of our business, I think I speak for the rest of Beiseker Council when I say something has to happen there this year!  This project has been dragging on for years now.  Time to get it done!
  • Taxes:  It is going to be a challenge to keep property taxes in line and offering the same level of services or better, given the increased costs and the amount of back taxes still owing.  I firmly believe we can do it with a little village belt tightening and a sharp pencil!
In my opinion, those are the four "biggies" for Beiseker this year.  There are a myriad of smaller problems and issues we'll have to address and I think all on council are anxious to tackle them!


  1. I am a resident of Beiseker and have been so since 2006. I am a building contractor (master builder) by trade and am quite interested in procuring some information about the Grass lands subdivision. I am interested in building a few dwellings there in if the lot prices are reasonable and the type of dwellings I wish to build are allowed of coarse. Is there someone I could contact in order to acquire the information that I seek?

  2. Hi Buddy; I am very glad to hear you are interested in investing in our revived residential subdivision; Grasslands! We are still in the negotiation phase with those determined to get this project moving again. I believe we can have houses being constructed there this spring! My advice to you would be to leave your name and contact info with our CAO at the Beiseker Village Office. She will pass that information on to those managing the project. Best wishes for a successful construction season!