Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tissue Issue

I get a lot of snickers when I mention this problem faced by our municipality.  Beiseker, along with quite a number of other municipalities have to deal with this problem on an ongoing basis.

It is the tissue issue!  Many municipalities must pump sanitary sewage to its treatment site or lagoon.  This requires the use of large and expensive pumps.

Beiseker's sewage pumps are located in a building behind the seed cleaning plant.  Those pumps send the sewage to our lagoon system on the east side of Highway #9.

Bathroom tissue, toilet tissue, or toilet paper is designed to disintegrate or bio-degrade almost immediately after it's flushed.  Facial tissue; not so much!  Flushing facial tissue can be very harmful to those large pumps!

Pumps must be constantly cleaned and overhauled, partly due to the fact that they get jammed up with facial tissue.  This process costs Beiseker thousands of dollars each year!  No, really!

When people ask what they can do to help the village save money, one way I suggest is to remember that toilet paper is for flushing and facial tissue is for throwing in the garbage!

(Did I make you snicker?)

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