Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thank you so much, Beiseker!

My friends and neighbours in the village of Beiseker saved my wife this week.

I am not joking.  My wife Madeline got her car stuck on Beacon Heights Road last Monday afternoon.  She was only a couple of blocks from our house, and it was still daylight, so she decided to walk home. 

She couldn't plow through the mounting drifts and fell a number of times;  she only made it a few hundred feet and finally managed to crawl (yes, crawl) to a neighbour's house.  There, she warmed up a bit while another neighbour brought her a pair of snow boots and escorted her home.

The next day, she realised she required medical attention for her frostbitten hands.  Our village's First Response Team sprang into action.  After looking at my wife's frostbite they decided she may require transportation to a hospital.  An ambulance was called, but it couldn't get into our subdivision because of the drifts. 

Many, many volunteers started shovelling and the ambulance got through!  They dug a path to our front door.  However, it was decided that the risks of transporting her in such weather were too high and my wife remained at home. 

In the days since then, friends and neighbours have been phoning and visiting her to make sure she's OK. 
Madeline is doing much better now.  Her hands are still sore, but getting better each day.

Without the help of all those Beiseker friends and neighbours Madeline could have been much more seriously hurt.  "Thank you" seems to be so lacking in expressing our apreciation for all you did this week for us, but I'll say it again; Thank you and God bless!

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  1. Beiseker people rock!!! They pull together!!! So happy Madline is feeling better.