Thursday, December 4, 2014

Some Confusion over Snow Removal!

It appears there is some confusion as to who is responsible for snow removal, and in what areas of the village.  Every year this is debated in Council meetings.  Here is what I understand to be the law regarding snow removal here in Beiseker.
  • Residents are responsible for removing snow build-up on the public sidewalk that is on the Public Reserve strip, which borders the front of their property.
  • If ice builds up, the resident is responsible for placing sand or some traction aid down (sand will be made available down at the Public Works Yard, as it was last year.)
  • Residents have 72 hours after the snowfall to remove the snow.
  • Residents who do not comply with this bylaw may be given a warning, fined, and/or charged a fee for the removal of the snow.
All other pathways and roadways (including laneways) are the responsibility of the village Public Works Department.

We have discussed the snow removal at those areas where laneways meet the streets, but no changes have been made to the policy.  Right now, those areas are also the responsibility of Public Works.  No other decision has been made at this time.

If you have any questions regarding your responsibility for snow removal, please contact the Village Office at 403-947-3774

If you have any comments regarding our snow removal bylaw and policies, please write to your council at P.O. Box 349, or you can write your comments to me on the Write Ray blog.  And pray for lots of Chinooks!


  1. Perhaps some of this confusion about snow clearing etc, might be reduced if the minutes of Council meetings were posted more often on the village web site, rather than every six months as they are now. Having the minutes filtered through a news reporter is not always a reliable method of passing information.

  2. Agreed Anon! We're working on it. We should have that corrected in a few days.