Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daylight Savings Woes

Every spring it takes me a little longer to adjust to the loss of an hour when we change over to Daylight Savings Time.  Tack it up to my advanced years.  I hate it!  I am very grumpy while I slowly adjust!   

Not only that, everyone I talk to hates it, too!  I have yet to meet a single person who LIKES Daylight Savings Time!

Many of us are now going to work in the dark, again.  The kids are harder to get to bed. And us older folks find it hard to adjust to it!

If Daylight Savings Time is so universally hated, the why don't they get rid of it?  Wait a minute, we are "they!"  Those who decide this is such a good idea are supposed to be representing us!  Their ultimate bosses are elected by us!  So why don't we get rid of it?

Maybe we and they don't know how to put the bag on Daylight Savings Time!  Then let's ask Saskatchewan for help.  They don't have it, there.  Most of the folks in Saskatchewan seem fairly normal.  They don't appear to be badly maladjusted because they don't turn their clocks ahead every spring  (those who wear watermelons on their heads at certain football games, notwithstanding). 

Let's dump Daylight Savings Time.  My wife would be happier, too!  She wouldn't have to put up with a grumpy old fart every March!

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  1. I totally agree, I don't understand why it isn't put to a plebiscite already, somebody please tell me why!