Monday, April 13, 2015

Aggie Days 2015 was Awesome!

We shut down Aggie Days on Sunday afternoon, and turned the BMO Centre from a barn back into an exhibit hall.

photo via Aggie Days on Twitter
Overall, Aggie Days 2015 was pretty awesome. During our educational component, which ran from Wednesday through Friday, 7500 students visited! That's down from its usual 10,000 students, because two school divisions we draw from were on Spring Break.

During family fun days on the weekend, we had about 16,000 visitors, each day! I'm still tired out but pleased that we were able to show so many people how important Alberta's agriculture is to this province. Aggie Days is a free event down at Stampede Park, although guests still have to pay for parking.

Most of us who operate Aggie Days are volunteers. Our payment comes from watching the faces of youngsters who were seeing a cow milked for the first time or a sheep sheared, or one of the other multitude of agricultural related activities there.

We'll start planning for Aggie Days 2016 in a couple of weeks. I hope you'll all come to see as next year! Until then, remember; If you eat, you're involved in agriculture!

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