Monday, July 20, 2015

First Avenue Railway Crossing

photo by Mathieu Tremblay, via Flickr
Many of you have expressed concern over the condition of the railway crossing on First Ave.,past the Public Works Compound.

The crossing itself was upgraded a while back but the pavement leading up to it on both sides had to be removed.  The railway has informed us that they will soon have a crew in the area to repair and repave those small sections of road at all of those crossing upgrades.  They haven't given us a timeline for that to happen, but right now it's pretty bad there!

The Village Office will contact CN Rail today and tell them of our concerns.

As for the rest of that road from the Public Works Compound to that CNR crossing, council is examining our options.  Totally rebuilding that road would be cost prohibitive.  It has been suggested that we simply close that road and rely on our other entrances and exits into town.

I think both of those options are out of the question.  There must be a way to resurface that road without it costing the village much of its street repairs budget.  The pipeline company has agreed to help out where their crossing is.

If you have an opinion or a suggestion, contact the Beiseker Village Office at 403-947-3774.

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