Monday, February 15, 2016

A Passenger Train To Banff!

Recently, it has been proposed that a passenger train be re-established between Calgary and Banff

What a super idea!  Finding parking in Banff is next to impossible in the summer, and not getting any better in the winter.  For more than half a century, taking the train to Banff was one of Calgary's premiere attractions!  Reviving that attraction seems only good sense. 

Rail transportation is the most efficient (and least expensive) ground transportation there is!  We should have more!  How about a train from Strathmore and Chestermere into the city?  How about one from Airdrie, Cochrane, High River and Okotoks and maybe even some day from Irricana and Beiseker?   This could be the start of something great. 

As far as the train to Banff goes.  Sign me up! I want to go!

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