Saturday, November 19, 2016

Good Town Hall Meeting

We had a good town hall meeting last Monday night.

Our official delegation were two members of the crew busily turning Beiseker into Eden Valley, Minnesota so it can become the backdrop to the third season of the television show Fargo!

They told us of their plan to turn the now-vacant hardware store into a general store along with some other modifications to our village so it can stand in for the U.S. mid-western town of Eden Valley.  Filming will start early in the new year.

Most of the story line for this season's episodes occur around Christmas time, so Beiseker will be decked out for Christmas for most of the winter months!  Those in attendance were very intrigued, and I think the Fargo crew will find Beiseker and its residents easy to work with! 

Questions from the floor on other matters included;
I was most concerned with one resident's comment about the quality of water within our village. She complained that the water at her home faucets was grey in color and smelled bad.

I can find no evidence of this problem elsewhere in the village. Our water is settled and chlorinated at least twice before it reaches our homes. If the chlorine level of the water in our reservoir is lower than provincial standards it will be treated again by our public works staff here in the village.

I urge anyone who is concerned of the quality of water at their homes please have it checked out by a plumber, and then report those findings to the Village office.

I would like to thank all of the residents who came out to our annual fall town hall meeting, and I'm looking forward to to seeing you at our spring meeting in a few months time.

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