Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fire Engine Woes

Last night, Beiseker Village Council started the process of temporarily halting repairs on our fire truck until we have a clearer picture of what the truck needs to become serviceable again.

photo by Bill Church, via Flickr
We have been renting a replacement truck until ours is back. You will recall that our truck was purchased a few years ago to provide Beiseker with a reliable fire engine for its hard working fire department.

It turns out that our new truck was built specifically to service auto racing tracks in the southern United States.  When it arrived here it had no block heater and no cab heater but it did have a huge air conditioner!

Fitting our new fire engine out to survive in our sometimes-less-than-hospitable weather has proven a challenge.  Fire engines pump water.  Water freezes!  Keeping water lines and the big pump serviceable during the winter months is very difficult.

What to do?  Some councilors want to cut our losses and sell our new truck and buy another one more suitable to our climate.  Others want to repair and continue to "winterize" our existing truck and keep it for a few more years, or until a suitable grant presents itself to replace it.

As a rate payer, what do you think we should do?  Let me, other councilors, and/or the Village Office know what you think should be done to solve our latest Fire  Engine Woes!

March 1/2017:  I've posted an update for this post, here - Clarifications on the Fire Engine.


  1. If the truck can not be made suitable, cut the losses and move on. Thank you for asking us!

  2. Maybe instead of bandaid solution after bandaid solution we finally bite the bullet, take out a $500,000 loan, and buy a new fire truck. Warranty and all. The guys and gals deserve better, and so does the community. Either properly fund them or disband the department and let the Country do it for you.

  3. Having a new fire truck means beiseker can do more calls. I say bite the bullet and take out a loan the truck will pay for it self within the first year hopefully

  4. How can we make a SOUND decision without ALL the facts in front of us? What amount has been spent to date to fix the existing truck? How much will it cost to fix the existing truck so it will work in our climate? How much for a used truck because can our Village tax base support the expense of buying a new truck?

  5. How much is either option going to cost ? On a side note why does the truck need a block heater ? I may be wrong but isn't the truck parked indoors or running when outdoors ? i get that the vehicle still needs a way of keeping water lines warm but more information would allow us to vote in a more informed way