Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Posts, Pipelines, Apologies and Korea

I was pleased to see that the Village of Beiseker is in the process of replacing those posts along Second Avenue by the Post Office.  Council had them installed years ago, but they were honestly pretty ugly. 

They were placed there to discourage folks from driving up and parking on the curb, public reserve strip and sidewalk when picking up their mail.  That caused significant damage to the concrete work along there.  Since it happened mostly during the snowy winter months, I would imagine Council will replace them with something that could be removed during the summer months.

Nationally, after listening to the bickering back and forth between the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia over this pipeline, I was happy to hear that the Feds are going to buy the pipeline and push the project through!  The Federal Government has done this kind of thing before to save a project critical to the benefit of all Canadians.  The CPR is probably the best example.  I'm hoping that they can start building later this week and that the B.C. Premier will come to his senses.  Allowing the few members of the B.C. Green Party to dictate B.C. NDP policy is a bit like the tail wagging the dog!  Their energy should focus on the construction of the safest, most environmentally friendly pipeline in the world.  It can be done!

Our provincial and federal governments have also become "Professional Apologizers"!  They spend much of their time (and our tax dollars) apologizing for the screw-ups of previous governments.
  • We apologized for detaining Japanese Canadians during World War II.
  • We apologized for putting the Head Tax on Chinese immigrants over a hundred years ago.
  • We apologized for the Residential School debacle inflicted on our Indigenous Canadians.
  • We apologized for the brutal treatment of Ukrainian speaking students in schools across the province less than a hundred years ago.
  • We apologized for the "scoop" of indigenous kids during the 1960s.
  • And more!
It's important to recognize the fact that even when governments have the best of intensions, they can still screw things up big time!  We need to come to terms with these huge mistakes.  But we should be spending more time figuring out how to help the victims overcome their adversities created by these mistakes.  I think that throwing money at these old wounds isn't helping very much at all.

The federal Liberal Government has also decided to mess around with the Firearms legislation again thus alienating all legal and law abiding gun owners across this great country. Why didn't they consult with the myriad of firearms, shooting and hunting clubs before deciding the criteria for a "bad" gun?  Just because a gun is painted black and looks bad doesn't mean it is!

And finally:  All this bumbling around between the U.S. President Trump and the leader of North Korea reads like a playground spat.  I say quit the posturing and make this meeting happen!  This stupidity on the Korean peninsula can't go on forever!

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