Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off-Road Problems

Sgt. Patricia Neely of the RCMP visited Village Council last night to give her regular report on policing in the Village of Beiseker.  The one topic which took up much of our time was the use  (or misuse) of off-road vehicles within the Village!

At present our by-law permits the operation of an off road vehicle within the Village under certain stipulations;
  1. they are restricted to lanes and alleyways.
  2. their speed can not exceed 20 km/h
  3. they must take the shortest and most direct route out of the Village.
  4. they must be operated as quietly as possible into and out of the Village.
  5. applicable registration and insurance will be carried by the operator
Most off-road vehicle operators comply to our by-law but there have been a few exceptions which are spoiling it for everyone!  If we cannot achieve compliance with our current by-law, then council will have to look at simply banning the operation of off road vehicles within the Village completely. 

That would mean that all off-roaders would have to shut off their vehicle and push them in and out of the Village or trailer them in and out of the Village!  It would be a shame to spoil it for most off-roaders because of the actions of a few.

What Can You Do?

If you see someone operating an off-road vehicle (quad, snowmobile, or dirt bike) without heeding our by-laws, please report them to our RCMP detachment at (403) 947-3496.  If you know someone who operates an off-road vehicle in the Village, ask them to review our very generous by-law regarding their use within the Village.

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