Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Trash and Taxes

TRASH: After the snow melted from the ditch on the west side of Beiseker Airport, pilots noticed paper and plastic bags blowing across the runway.  We went to investigate.  We found a whole pile of household garbage thrown in the ditch about 400 yards north of Highway #9 along that road allowance!  How would anyone in their right minds confuse a rural road ditch with a landfill site. 

The authorities told me I would have to catch the culprit in the act of dumping it there and get a vehicle licence number in order to press charges.  We (Rocky View County and Beiseker's Public Works) cleaned it up. 

If you ever see a suspicious vehicle with folks throwing garbage from it, get a plate number!

TAXES: As you know, the provincial government adds on an "Education Portion" to your property taxes each year.  We collect it but it's their money!  Today they came to collect their first installment. 

We owed the province $70,000.00

But over 20% of Beisekerites haven't paid their 2011 taxes yet!  We still owe the province over $70,000.00!  We paid it, but that payment severely hurt our village cash flow!  Right now there is a little over $300,000.00 of unpaid 2011 tax money owed the Village of Beiseker!  But the province doesn't care - They just want their $70,000.00! 

Those amounts might not seem much if you're looking at a big city, but it sure matters here!  Some of our summer projects may have to be delayed until these back taxes are paid.

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