Monday, October 22, 2012

Stage East 2012 Now History

Wow, what a fantastic weekend!  Stage East played to a huge crowd on Friday night (the biggest ever Friday night crowd) and to a sold out crowd on Saturday!  From where I stood, everyone had a great time and many laughs and giggles!

I feel most privileged to work with this zany group of actors, stage hands and set builders each fall.  We lost a few actors this year, but we gained some, too.  Everyone worked so hard to make this weekend a huge success!

Our volunteer group would first like to thank our many, many sponsors and donors.  Without their support Stage East would not exist.

Another key to making Stage East possible is the Village of Beiseker, who provide the Beiseker Community Centre to us when they can.  And, of course, we thank those in the audience who come out to support us every year.

An extra special "Thank-You" goes to singer Alex Allary from Strathmore who stepped up to perform after one of our singers pulled out two days before our performances!

Well done everyone!  Watch for Stage East 2013 coming to the Beiseker Community Centre near you!

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  1. Would be more funnier if the dry humor old guy wasn't there... And the gentleman of Beiseker and Hortense came back...