Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good Bye Gerry

Yesterday, Beiseker said good bye to one of its special people.  Gerry Wilkinson had passed away a few days before.

Gerry was our postmaster for many years, but he was much more than that to Beiseker!  Gerry (or Wilky as he was know to many) was a Community Catalyst!  He was the one who started this project or raised funds for that project here in Beiseker!

When Stage East came along in the early 1980s, Gerry was there.  He played three roles to perfection.  He mastered the role of the kooky judge in a skit called "The Trial Of Mrs.Westfall," and another role of a hillbilly pappy in one called "Passing Wind"!  But his most memorable role was that of one unborn twin conversing with its sibling about their pending birth.  The skit is called "Prenatal Twins,"  and it's a Gerry Wilkinson classic!  If you get a chance to watch it, don't miss the opportunity!

Gerry was a member of the Lions Club here in Beiseker and organised aspects of the Beiseker Country Fair for many, many years.  This past summer he and his wife Vera were chosen as Honorary Parade Marshals for this year's Country Fair Parade!  I think Gerry was very proud of that. 

It was good to see hundreds of Beiseker folks there to celebrate Gerry's life.  I hope Gerry's family was comforted to a small degree by seeing and hearing all those folks remember him for what he was; a true Beisekerite and a Community Catalyst!

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