Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hot Water over Community Centre

My comments over the state of the Community Centre have got me in hot water!

During the preparations for Stage East 2012, I noticed a number of small issues, each one by itself was no big deal but all together I think they affected the use of the Centre.  I thought (and still think) that these issues need to be corrected. 

At no time have I assigned blame to these problems.  That would be quite inappropriate.  There are many indivuals and groups using our Community Centre; wear and tear is to be expected.   Since the hall was built, The Beiseker Lions Club has always been a major player in looking after the Centre.  All of Beiseker is very grateful for their dedication, but I think they deserve some help!

I truly believe we all must work together to overcome these issues so we can have a Community Centre the whole village can be proud of!

One suggestion by a citizen was a penny drive to raise funds to help the Community Centre.  The building always runs at a deficit and any help would likely be appreciated!  Since they're phasing out the penny anyway, why not gather them up and put that money to good use?  I'm working on the details, let me know what you think.


  1. Sounds like a plan!!

  2. I have no problem fundraising for the hall, but after reading an article in the Rockyview weekly this week, it seems hypocritical. If the hall cannot support fundraising events in the community for non-profit why the community support the hall? I know other groups who have approached council for non profit community events and were turned down on their request for relief from the hall prices. It really seems that an exception was made for Stage East due to whom was participating in it. I hope council will look at this issue and made some amendments to the bylaw to allow for non-profit pricing and will allow all legit requests the discounted rate, not just the groups who have pull.

  3. Whoa there Anony! I assume you're talking about me when you mention those with "pull". It is true that I am a participant in Stage East and it is also true that I was on Council when in 2005 others from Stage East approached to ask for a reduced rate for the Community Centre for rehearsals and performances. It is true that I was one of five on council to vote in favor of giving Stage East a break. The conditions were quite strict, however. If another group rented the hall, we were out! And the arrangement was made on the understanding that Stage East return a good portion of the funds it raised to upgrades at the Centre.

    Satge East has continued with that arrangement right up to and including this year! If we must pay for our rehearsal and performance times at the full rate, that would simply mean we would have far less money to contribute back to the Centre and to other charitable groups in and around the village.

    Remember Stage East is made up of volunteers who do not benefit individually or directly from the time spent in rehearsals, practices and performances.

  4. It seems my comments and using the word, 'pull' may have ruffled a couple of feathers. It was not my intent to be negative in anyway about Stage East and I apologize if that is how I sounded. I hold Stage East and all their participants in the highest regard as you pointed out they are doing this for their love of theatre, community and do not benefit individually from it. It is really too bad that the same benefit couldn't be at times given to another community groups. Stage East is the only group that I've heard off since we have lived here getting a break this way. I know that other groups in the past have approached council about fees being discounted and turned down. I wish the China group nothing but the best- our whole community will benefit from these young travelers bringing back and sharing their Chinese cultural experiences with us and will help them grow into our communities future.

    1. In fact over the past years, many activities have been given a break on Community Centre rentals;
      1. The Beiseker Community School has been given a full week of hall use to run their Artist in Residence program each spring.
      2. The Community School Christmas Concert has been held in the hall for many years, free of charge.
      3. The Beiseker Playschool used the hall for many months for little or no fees while their new digs were being built.
      4. The summer programs have used the hall many times over the years free of charge.

      Just to mention a few. It's quite a dilemma we all face on this one. The Community Centre runs constantly in the red, but raising the fees would not solve the problems.

  5. Fundraising for needed repairs and general maintenance is a great idea. I could get behind that...