Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Keeping Beiseker's Water Flowing

My second issue is water!  We in Beiseker have difficulties getting inexpensive drinking water into the village - and getting storm water out! 

Drinking Water

Beiseker is a member of the Aqua7 Regional Water Services Commission.  The commission buys treated water from the town of Drumheller, treats it again, then pumps it through to two rural municipalities and five urban municipalities from a treatment and pumping station at Kirkpatrick, in the Red Deer river valley.

Beiseker buys water from Aqua7, then treats it a third time, before pumping it out to our residents from a pumping station at the corner of 9th Street and 4th Avenue.

The price of water at our homes is controlled by four factors;
  1. The price the Town of Drumheller charges Aqua7 for water.
  2. The cost of operating the pumping station at Kirkpatrick.
  3. The cost of managing the Aqua7 Regional Water Services Commission, including servicing their huge debt created during construction of the system.
  4. The cost of re-treating and pumping water after it arrives here in the village.
  • The Town of Drumheller raised its price of water to Aqua7 twice in the last two years - totalling 10%!
  • Rocky View County is a full member of Aqua7, but has not bought or sold any water!
I believe that Beiseker Village Council must keep working to lower our water rates by;
    • Helping to find ways which Rocky View County can sell water.  The more water sold means a lower rate for all of us.
    • Making sure all the water Beiseker buys is sold; no leaks or bypassed meters.
    • Continuing to pressure the provincial government to help us eliminate our huge debt as they verbally promised to do when the project was first proposed.  They have done that for other water commissions set up after Aqua 7!
      I have been very close to this water issue ever since Aqua7 (which was originally called the Kneehill Regional Water Services Commission) was first proposed.  I took over from past Mayor Dave Fegan as a member of the commission, twelve years ago.

      With your vote, I will continue to fight for our right to have safe, plentiful and inexpensive drinking water here in Beiseker.

      Storm Water

      Beiseker was built in a low spot here on the prairie.  As a result, we continue to have storm water and runoff water issues.

      The situation has greatly improved over the past few years but there are still shortcomings within our system.  Council has initiated a program to allow water to leave town as quickly as possible, by clearing drainage ditches and installing lift pumps at low spots.

      With your vote, I will continue to work toward perfecting our drainage system so that floodwaters will drain more quickly from our village and the impact on residents will be lessened.

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