Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Fire Truck!

Good news! It appears that our village is the proud owner of a newer fire truck!

After significant investigation and deliberation, the village has purchased a used fire truck from a brokerage firm in Texas. The vehicle checked out as mechanically safe and reliable.

We are having the truck delivered instead of driving it all the way back to Beiseker. We look forward to its arrival here.  I hope it arrives before our Country Fair Day on June 8th, so or volunteer fire department can drive it in our parade!

The village did take out a loan to buy the vehicle, but our fundraising program is going extremely well. We hope to be able to pay off most of that loan before the end of this year. Thank you to all who donated to this worthy cause. Your contribution has definitely made a difference!  This coming week, I am personally making a donation to the fire truck fund at Mountain View Credit Union. I invite all of you who have not yet made a donation to join me!

Together, we can make Beiseker even better!

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