Friday, May 24, 2013

The New Fire Truck is Here!

At around 6 o'clock Friday evening, our new (or should I say, new to Beiseker) fire truck arrived in town.  Lampson Industries were kind enough to lend as their ramp to unload the truck from the transport trailer.

After everything checked out, Deputy Chief Jim Fox proudly drove it over to the our Fire Hall! It is now safely tucked away in our new Fire Hall. Members of our volunteer fire department came over to check it out. I was impressed with the ease of getting in and out of the truck.

Now the volunteer fire fighters will have to go through the truck and learn how to operate all the systems. I'm looking forward to seeing it proudly displayed in the Beiseker Country Fair parade on June 8!

To see more photos of the new fire truck's delivery to Beiseker, see this photo album on the Village of Beiseker's Facebook page.

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