Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 2013 Beiseker Country Fair, Best Ever!

If you missed the 2013 Beiseker Country Fair yesterday, you can start kicking yourself right now. In my opinion, it was the best fair we've ever had!

The weather cooperated, and the organizers outdid themselves this year. I'm not a Lions Club member, but I think the Beiseker Lions Club is probably one of the smallest.  That doesn't stop them from putting together a fantastic Country Fair day! We started the day with a great pancake breakfast, enjoying it with about 585 of our closest friends.  

I thought the parade was a little shorter this year, but that certainly didn't curb the enthusiasm of those participating. Beiseker's new fire truck also made its first official appearance in the parade!

The kids dug out coins out of the Money Pit while the 4H Club showed off their calves.  After the show, I had the opportunity to try my hand at milking a cow!  I came in third in the field of four - and my friend Dave Fagan came in first!

This year I picked a pretty little 1966 Ford Mustang as the Mayor's Choice at the Main Street Show 'n Shine.  Chris Heighton of Heighton Restorations does an incredible job of  putting together the Main Street Show 'n Shine every year.  After the car show, it was over to the Golden Years Town and Country Club for coffee and pie.  I missed seeing the skydivers both in the parade and jumping into Beiseker, early in the afternoon .

Health concerns make it important that I eat on time.  A minor glitch in the hall kitchen meant that supper was a bit late, there, so I was unable to join everybody for a Beef on a Bun supper. 

Everybody went home tired, but happy, when the festivities finally ended early Sunday morning!

Wow! What a day!  Everyone who volunteered yesterday take a big bow!  You are awesome!

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  1. Just a question, out of curiosity - when was the name changed to the Country Fair, and why?

    I remember when I was a kid, it was always called Sports Day. It was called Sports Day in the history book Beiseker's Golden Heritage, with photos going back to 1914.