Monday, June 24, 2013

Southern Alberta Flooding (and Drinking Water)

photo by Andrea Savoca, via Flickr
Our internet connection was lost there for a bit, but it's back up now!

It's been a very exciting few days in this part of the world, with the terrible flooding in southern Alberta. Before I go any farther, I would like to offer best wishes to everyone in Canmore, Calgary, High River, Medicine Hat, Drumheller, the Siksika and Stoney First Nations, and everyone else fighting the flood waters.  I wish them a successful cleanup and a speedy return to normal!

We here in Beiseker escaped the severe damage done elsewhere in the province. The constant rain caused a few floodings around town, but we fared pretty well. The extra moisture has caused the grass to grow and the mosquitoes to hatch! They're particularly fierce little devils this year!  It's hard to go outside!

As of tonight, Monday, June 24, our water system is safe and sound. The flood waters have not compromised the water treatment plant in Drumheller.  Clean, chlorinated and clear water is entering our pumping station at Kirkpatrick. From there, the water is chlorinated again and pumped up the hill to our communities.

I think every community on the water line chlorinates the water a third time before it enters their local distribution systems. I think the Aqua7 water system is probably one of the safest water distribution systems in the province!


  1. Is there any plan for Beiseker to assist neighbouring communities with cleaning up?

  2. We did offer any assistance we could provide to Mayor Nenshi but beyond that, nothing official has been arranged. I do know that many Beiseker residents are helping friends and family in affected areas caught up in the disaster.