Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beiseker's Angels On A Mission

You will recall the other day, I mentioned on this blog that there was a rumour that some folks were forced to garbage the food they had prepared for the flood recovery volunteers, because it was not prepared in a commercial kitchen.  There was actually some truth to that;  Some folks were not permitted to distribute the sandwiches they had prepared.  I understand that most of that food was returned to the donors who took it back home.

But, here's the good news!  On July 7, a group of ten ladies from our village decided to help out.  The village let them borrow the commercial kitchen at our Community Centre - it is a full commercial kitchen, and it is inspected regularly. 

There, they prepared 180 sandwiches and some muffins.  These were properly packed up and taken down to High River where they were distributed to grateful volunteer workers!  Somewhere along the trail, those ten ladies got the name "Beiseker Angels On A Mission"! 

I like that!  In my opinion ladies you exemplify the true nature of Albertans, and of our village!  Thank you all from the rest of us!

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