Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Village Updates: Fire Protection, Snow, Water & the Bassano Station

We had a great council meeting Tuesday night (November 12).  A number of issues and concerns were discussed.  Here's a few of the things we talked about.
  • We reaffirmed our policy that all the village's fire hydrants will be systematically checked by our fire department, with consultation with Public Works. 
  • We discussed our very icy streets and sidewalks, and suggested ways that we can make it easier for everyone to get around during the winter months.  We may have to look into how Public Works removes ice and snow from streets and sidewalks, especially at intersections.
  • We talked about the placement (or not) of the Bassano Station on its foundation.  It appears work has halted again on the project and it sits there looking forlorn once more.  There doesn't appear to be much the Village can do about this project but we will endeavor to find out its status.
  • We talked about a letter from the Town of Irricana to the Aqua7 Regional Water Services Commission, noting that the town refuses to pay the 10% increase in water prices levied by the Town of Drumheller.  I do not understand what they expect to accomplish with this move!  Aqua7, which includes Irricana, will have to pay the shortfall on Irricana's behalf.
  • We decided to prepare a mutual aid agreement for fire protection, which we will present to our neighbour municipalities. 
Overall, a great meeting.  I think we addressed some very crucial issues in Beiseker.  Now we need to keep an eye on the solutions to see that they do what we hope they do!


  1. seems to me that if the public works dept. can spend 5 or 6 days decorating the village office grounds and half of main st for Christmas there would be a bit of money to scrape the street to get rid of the ice its been warm enough to melt down to pavement if this was done

  2. Thanks for the Aqua 7 comment Ray. This decision must have been made by the last council as the new council wasn't made aware of it. Needs to be discussed at the next meeting. Lora Peterson - Irricana councilor