Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Alberta's New Government

Were you shocked by the results of yesterday's provincial election?  I certainly was.

I was predicting a PC win with a smaller majority (around 50 MLAs) with a strong NDP Opposition.  Boy, did I get it wrong!  This is only the second time in Alberta's history that we've elected a left leaning government.

Our first was the Alberta Liberal government in Alberta's infant years as a province, back in 1905.  Ever since the Liberals were voted out in the 1920s, we've always chosen a right leaning government starting with the UFA (United Farmers of Alberta), then Social Credit and onto Peter Lougheed's Progressive Conservatives.  That four decade Progressive Conservative dynasty ended last night.

One politician I lament losing is Jim Prentice.  I realize that some of last night's results were partially of his making, but I believe the man is a true Albertan - and has always had the best interests of this province at heart.

I refuse to blow taps on this province I love.  People are citing NDP screw-ups in other provinces as a prediction of what will happen here.  I disagree.

Alberta is absolutely nothing like the other Canadian provinces which have elected NDP governments.  Our economy is strong here, despite the blip in oil prices.  They'll recover!  They always have.  Alberta's economy is still the envy of the rest of this great nation.

I say: give the Alberta NDP Government a chance.  I'm sure they will work hard to keep Alberta on top!  I believe the sun will continue to shine on this province.  And congratulations to Premier-Elect Rachel Notley!  I'm looking forward to working with you, and your new government, in the near future.


  1. The UFA government of the 1920s and early 30s wasn't conservative; they actually were more left-wing than the Liberals that they replaced. Several UFA MLAs and MPs went on to help found the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation -- the forerunner of today's NDP.

  2. I wish I was as confident that the NDP legacy does not transfer to Alberta. Rachel Notley does seem to have some smarts but then so did Ed Shreyer in Manitoba. He went on to become a Lt Governor in later years. Nevertheless, Manitoba, at the time it first elected an NDP government, was wealthy and had more energy than Alberta. In fact it took years for Alberta to catch up to Manitoba when energy was calculated in Gigajoules due to the abundance of Hydro power. Despite Manitoba being a very strong province at the time of its first NDP government (also elected with less than 40% of popular vote) it was soon a have-not province and has never recovered from the debt load nor the out-flow of brain-power to the USA and other provinces. I hope the same does not happen in Alberta. It is the last remaining powerhouse for the whole country. I am now working overseas for a mission organization but base out of Newfoundland and Labrador which, is entirely dependent on Alberta transfer payments and jobs.

  3. Lets hope they learned from their past mistakes, don't want to lose all of our oil and gas industry.