Monday, May 25, 2015

Congratulations 2015 Beiseker Grads!

I had the distinct honour of speaking at the Beiseker Community School Graduation Ceremonies, last Friday night.

Thirty seven graduates were given several tidbits of advice from a number of speakers, including me.  I understand that a number of this year's grads will be going on to further education either at a college, technical school, university, or in an apprenticeship program.  Some are planning to go directly into the job market.

I envy those youngsters, even though they are heading out into a world which looks at times like it's going backwards instead of advancing.  They have the hopes and aspirations of youth along with the strength and confidence that comes with twelve years of schooling. 

I hope some of them will either remain here in Beiseker, or return here in the future.  We need those new ideas and that dedication to keep our little village alive and vibrant.

Best wishes and congratulations to the Beiseker Class of 2015, and good luck to you all!

p.s.  I heard that the Grad Weekend went very well without any serious incidents.  Congratulations on that, too!

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