Thursday, August 20, 2015

Federal Election: Focusing on the Ball

As the federal election campaign grinds on, I think many have lost sight of the real issues.

This whole thing surrounding the trial about Mike Duffy's Senate expenses appears to be taking up a huge amount of attention by the media, at the expense of everything else.

So let's focus on the real issues;
  1. Canada's public infrastructure is crumblingHow will our new federal government address this?
  2. The terror and upheaval in the Near East created by the Taliban, the Islamic State, and a few other extremist groups needs to be brought to an end!  Will Canada be taking a meaningful part in that process?
  3. Canada's economy continues to sputter along.  How will the new government address Canada's teetering on the edge of recession?
  4. In most provinces in Canada, including ours, the health services program is totally screwed up.  How will our new government take steps to remedy this health care shortfall?
  5. Many of Canada's aboriginal people are in crisis.  What will our new government do about it?  What past federal governments have done is obviously not working at all!
  6. The pipeline/oil exploration/oil sands debate continues.  The world needs Canada's oil!  Right now, oil prices are way down but supply-demand calculations show that can't last for ever.  How will our new government make sure Canada can move it's petroleum products quickly, safely and environmentally friendly to markets?  
There are other issues, but those are the six which I think should be addressed by all candidates in practically every speech they make.  Let Mike Duffy stew in the mess he seems to have created for himself, and lets focus on the real issues!

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