Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sidewalk Work in Beiseker

Most Beisekerites have noticed that our sidewalk replacement program is underway.

This phase of the project is replacement only.  There will be no new sidewalks constructed during this phase, just older ones replaced.

Our soil conditions and the amount of salts in our well water severely shortened the life of sidewalks within the village.  With Beiseker now using river water, and better concrete mixes, it is hoped that the newly constructed sidewalks will last considerably longer.

Some of you have asked when the new construction phase will start.  Village council is working on a strategic plan which will assign a priority to all new sidewalk construction.  First we need to get accurate estimates on the cost of the new construction.  This quite possibly could mean the new sidewalk construction phase may not start until 2016.

Thank you for you patience while these old sidewalks are dug up and removed and forms are set for the new sidewalks.  We're hoping to have this phase of sidewalk replacement finished in a few weeks, weather permitting.

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