Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Super Town Hall Meeting!

We had an excellent turnout for our annual Spring Town Hall Meeting last night in the Beiseker Community Centre!

Council faced some difficult questions on topics ranging from the burned out Bassano Station to sick trees.  There were some questions about the Village's finances, and suggestions on how we could save money.

The topic of junky back lanes and a disreputable Main Street business was a hot one.

Our application to the Canada 150 Fund to build a new Tourist Information Centre was questioned.  The water valve replacement program was discussed.  (Surprisingly, street paving was barely mentioned.)

We had some excellent suggestions made, too;
  • We offer a babysitting service at town hall meetings to attract more young people.
  • We encourage volunteers to re-engage at the recycling facility to relieve pressure on Public Works.
  • We re-examine our Municipal Plan on a regular basis so it may be updated to reflect the current situation in the village
  • We encourage residents to notify the village in writing of any junky or messy area within the Village.
To mention a few.
Overall, I thought it was a very productive meeting, giving council a good idea of what some of the folks out there are thinking about their town.  Now, council will take these suggestions and work out a plan to deal with them under the constraints of provincial and federal law, and available tax dollars.

Well done everyone!  Thank you so much for coming last night!

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