Monday, October 5, 2015

Verbal Abuse of Village Staff

While keeping Beiseker residents informed about our water main break last week, I felt I had to include a statement on my blog that verbal abuse over the telephone would not be tolerated.  Some of you have asked me why I included that statement.

Unfortunately, it's because a few Beiseker citizens decided to take out their frustration on having no water out on our village staff!  Swearing and name calling directed at our office staff did not help fix the water line.   This was totally uncalled for and totally out of line!

Everyone on staff was working hard to make the impact of have no running water as little as possible.  Most got little or no sleep that night as they desperately tried to have water pressure in the village by Friday morning.  They succeeded!  But they did not need to hear a slurry of profanity from a few residents!  It wasn't their fault!

It is unlikely that those few verbal abusers will apologize for their behavior, so I'll do it for them!

To the Beiseker Village staff;  I do apologize for the behavior of a few Beiseker residents.  I realize the village staff was working as hard as they could to make better the situation.  It was out-of-line and I hope it does not happen again.  Sorry!


  1. Sigh. Treat people as you wish to be treated is lost on so many people. Respect gets respect.

  2. I do believe that the verbal abuse was uncalled for.
    But you have to understand that there was alot frustrated people. Alot of this had to do with communication or lack of. The village needs to set up a better protocol when emergency situations like this happen.

    Not everyone has access to or belong to Facebook. All your updates were either on this blog (which no is really checks out because they are unaware) or Facebook. Yes, I was aware of where to get non-potable water. But alot didn't. Friday morning, the village water truck was at the arena. More water stations should have been available. And potable water should have been available especially during meal times. Especially for the elderly and families. Most of the stores in town closed by 6-7.

    There was alot of confusion. School closed, School opened. Last I saw on Facebook was Friday morning, Water was back on, and there was boil water in effect for 24 hours. Working all day and missing some vital information of the extension.

    On Sunday, I hear that boil water in effect is til Tuesday. Today it's until further notice. So what will happen families that were exposed to the water after 24 hours. Are we going to die from it?

    So Mr. Mayor. Please understand why people frustrated and the bad voice came out...

  3. Hi folks! Moderating the comments on this blog, this morning, I had to delete an anonymous comment over concerns about libel. If you're going to make accusations about anyone, please at least have the courtesy to sign your name to it.

    Thank you!


  4. Replies
    1. No problem; it may give me a kick in the pants to finally revise your comments system to remove anonymous commenting.

    2. Not All anonymous commenters are bad. Some just want to make comments without being judged.

    3. If you have taken the time to make a comment, and want your comment respected and taken seriously - and yourself, for that matter - then sign it. It can be a pseudonym, or just a first name, initials, or whatever, but tie your comments to an identity.

  5. Verbal abuse to Staff or Council in the face of an emergency is NOT acceptable, yes people are frustrated, So are They. They are trying to do their BEST, believe it or not.