Friday, September 30, 2016

Horseshoe Canyon Saved!

Friday afternoon, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the official dedication of Horseshoe Canyon at the canyon's outlook. 

Kneehill County acquired a major portion of the canyon site this past summer and has been working with a number of partners to improve the lookout and the canyon area so that the thousands of visitors stopping there can enjoy it. 

Today I heard the canyon referred to as 'Alberta's Peggy's Cove,' but visitors to the canyon have been literally loving it to death.  Thousands of people stop there every day during the summer months! Folks scrambling up and down the steep, slippery slopes created mini-gulches, down which water rushes, severely eroding the sides of the canyon. 

Also, numerous tourist game trails crisscross the canyon floor, jeopardizing the fragile plants growing there.

Now a set of stairs takes tourists safely up and down the canyon wall to designated walking paths networking across the canyon floor to elevated lookout points.  The improvements are slightly intrusive, but very necessary!  Now the canyon will remain in its present state for generations to enjoy for years to come!

Here's a shout-out to Kneehill County, who spearheaded this project to save Horseshoe Canyon.  Next time you're heading east, why not stop at the Horseshoe Canyon Lookout and see for yourself how the canyon has been saved.

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