Saturday, July 22, 2017

Volunteer Lawn Mowing?

Hauling equipment and personnel out to the Beiseker Airport to mow the large expanses of grass, there, is expensive for the Village.  A group of hangar owners out there have volunteered to mow the grass themselves.  So far this year, Public Works has yet to go out to our airport to mow yet the grass is all mowed and tidy!  We owe a huge vote of thanks to those volunteers.

I was thinking; if it works out there, could it work here in the village?  Residents and businesses are responsible for mowing the grass on the Public Reserve area (boulevard) in front of their home and the area behind their property to the middle of the lane-way -- but are there other public spaces which could be kept tidy, voluntarily?

Areas around the fire hall, the medical center, the ball diamonds, the public flower beds,  and other places within the Village might benefit from this kind of volunteerism!  I know there are some folks who already volunteer to tidy up some of these areas, but I think we could use more.  Just an idea!

If you think you'd like to help out somewhere in the Village, please check with the Village Office first.  And - thank you!

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