Monday, January 8, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:  Our provincial government set up a plan to design a standard hospital building which could be built in locations around the province thus saving huge design and architectural fees.  A city (like Airdrie) would get a standard generic hospital building which then could be modified as to the needs of that city!  In Airdire's case; a large, that would be a well equipped obstetrics and maternity ward!  Hope for the Airdrie Hospital!
The Bad:  Our provincial government has now cancelled the above mentioned project and appears to be adrift regarding any organized provincial hospital program.
The Ugly:  We still have Airdrie patients being driven or flown into Calgary for treatment which could be provided by these now ghost hospitals.  More babies are going to born on the QEII as Airdrie's young population continues to grow!  Is there still plans to build a hospital on the edge of Calgary at the corner of Stoney Trail and Centre Street?  Who knows! And why there?

The saga continues!

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