Sunday, February 4, 2018

NDP vs. NDP!

Alberta's NDP Premier Rachel Notley is going head-to-head with British Columbia's new NDP Premier John Horgan over the building of a new pipeline from here to the coast! 

After very extensive research and study, the pipeline has been approved by the federal government and was accepted by the outgoing B.C. premier!

This ridiculous impasse has brought up some very thought provoking questions!
  • Can one Canadian province hold another for ransom over access to markets?
  • Can a province (in this case B.C,) simply thumb their nose at our federal constitution?
  • Can a newly elected provincial government simply cancel agreements made in good faith by its predecessor?
  • Can a very small group of radical environmental types derail a plan which has been accepted by both federal and provincial governments?
  • Can two provinces in this kind of dispute simply be allowed to slug it out with each other without federal intervention?
If the answers to these questions are "Yes", we're in big trouble!

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