Thursday, February 1, 2018

Coffee With Council a Huge Success

Photo from Arcadia Cafe, via Facebook
Last Saturday morning, our Village Council instituted "Coffee with the Councillors"!  We were able to get together in the Arcadia Cafe and discuss issues affecting the village over a cup of coffee. 

I thought it was a huge success!  There were some barbs and some kudos thrown about but overall it was an excellent informal gathering!

Something I said might have been taken as a criticism of council but I did not intend it in that way.  I mention that the Village of Beiseker is owed almost a quarter of a million dollars in unpaid back property taxes!  That's a lot of money to a small village like ours! 

I certainly did not mean that information as a criticism of our council.  It's not their fault!

Think of how your life might be affected if your employer told you one day that he was going to withhold up to 20% of your wages and pay you sometime in the future; maybe three years in the future!  How would that affect your planning and your budgeting?  That's exactly what this village faces every year when dozens of folks here don't pay their taxes on time!

Think about it!

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