Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Fire Hall, and the Stop Sign on Main Street

If you take a drive down Fifth Street in Beiseker, you'll notice that our new firehall is taking shape at the corner of 5th & 2nd.  Progress has been good and we should have our Fire Department into their new digs well before the snow flies!

We had a stop sign set up at the T-intersection of Main Street and First Avenue.  So far it's been knocked down twice since we installed it a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully everybody has got used to it now and will take that corner a little wider to avoid the sign.

If you're the one who clobbered the sign this last time, please fess-up and let the Village Office know, at 403-947-3774.  If you saw the wayward vehicle hit the sign last week, please give a description (and a plate number if possible) to the office -- or phone Crime Stoppers (1-800-242-8477) if you want to remain anonymous.

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