Thursday, August 23, 2012

Senator Joyce Fairbairn will be missed

I was saddened to read that Senator Joyce Fairbairn, from Lethbridge, is suffering from a form of dementia and will not be able to actively complete her term in the Senate

Senator Fairbairn is a huge supporter of all things aviation here in Southern Alberta.  If it upped the profile of aviation here, Senator Joyce would be there promoting it to anyone who would listen. 

I recall her attending numerous air shows in the Lethbridge area, proudly decked out in her custom made RCAF flight suit!  She would spend hours in the hot sun on the announcers' stand watching the performers and even talking to the air show crowd about her passion for aviation.

Her infectious enthusiasm for aviation will be missed by all Southern Albertans.

Clear skies, Senator Fairbairn, clear skies.

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