Friday, August 24, 2012

Trash to Power projects questioned

Lately, there has been talk around these parts of establishing a huge complex which would burn garbage to produce electricity.  At first glance it does appear to be a great idea.  It'd save trying to recycle it, or bury it in a landfill site somewhere. 

But I really think there are some questions we need answers to before millions of dollars are invested.
  • What kind of emissions will be given off by this complex and how will it affect our "carbon footprint"?
  • Everything can't be burned.  What will happen to the rest?
  • Will the incineration of possible recyclables have the affect of stunting the growing recycling industry in Alberta?  Proponents of the project suggest that the recycling industry won't be affected.  I really wonder about that.  Right now we can recycle tires, plastic, bond paper, cardboard, compost, newspaper, used oil, all metals, and lead acid batteries.  We can't recycle large tree branches, disposable diapers, and wood furniture but is there enough of that kind of stuff to keep a huge plant like they're proposing properly fed?
I truly believe that these questions must be satisfactorily answered before we move ahead on this.  Let me know what you think.

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