Saturday, September 28, 2013

Keeping Beiseker Open for Business

It is important that a community keep its businesses and industries vibrant and growing. 

Municipal government has a role in supporting projects which make local businesses attractive to residents and visitors.  And each of the recent promotional projects done in Beiseker over the past few years - like the Main Street beautification program, the new business signs, and the highway signs - have been supported by Village Council.

A strong commercial Main Street is one of the keys to success for smaller communities like Beiseker. The large box stores, just a few kilometers to the west of our village, are a strong pull for consumers.  All of us on Village Council have worked towards the promotion of our Main Street as a shopping destination, too. 

I will continue to support projects which keep Beiseker's commercial and industrial community strong and growing, and encourage residents to shop locally.  I will do this;
  • by doing what I can to make building in Beiseker attractive.
  • by informing others through the trade and commercial media what industries and commercial entities are needed here.
  • by keeping commercial taxes as low as possible while ensuring that all services will not be compromised.
  • by staying appraised of all developments in both existing and future industrial and commercial prospects.
  • by working together with the commercial community (such as the Chamber of Commerce) to promote Beiseker.
Together, we can make Beiseker a shopping destination.

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